For us at school it is a constant dilemma: do we open the school so that the children are able to continue with their education as they should do on the one hand and on the other, we do not wish to be responsible for directly or indirectly causing an accident and harm to members of our school community.

All we can do is make the call as best we see it at the time. The decision to close the school is not taken lightly.

May we remind you about a new section of the Herefordshire Council website that the council trialled last year. The best way to explain it is to quote directly from the email that was sent out to Headteachers:

Herefordshire Council... have developed a new web page on the council's web site where school closures can be reported quickly and easily. This forms part of an emergency alert system which will be displayed on the front page of the web site when the county's services are hit by weather conditions or other situations that result in many service closures. The web page address, which we would ask you to share with staff and parents is: (external link).

We have been told that schools no longer need to contact the radio stations if they decide to close. Instead, we email the local authority. The school transport staff will then update the status of our school on the website and the radio stations will use the information on our website in their reports. This will ensure the information is all contained in one main source, reducing the opportunity for error.

We have found that the best way to open the link is to type it into the address bar on your internet browser (eg. Google, etc.) and press return. This will lead you straight to the relevant page.

As always, please look out for details on this website, which will have a note 'pinned' to the front page if there is any major news of an urgent nature which needs to be shared.

Of course, we also have our telephone tree for Parents and Carers, which people should be listening out for, if they have signed up to it. Please make sure that the details held for this system are as up to date as possible, to avoid any breakdowns in the communication chain.

The local radio stations that will broadcast details of school closures in Herefordshire are:

  • BBC Hereford and Worcester: 104 FM / 94.7 FM
  • Free Radio: 96.7-97.6 FM