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Gethin Lewis
18 Jan 2019

Hi everyone at bodenham I don't know if you will recognise me but I was a student there! Hi all the teachers that taught me I hope your all having an amazing time at an amazing school.

Rating: Excellent

Stephen Powell
02 Jun 2016

Hi everyone, I'm a past pupil from Mr Dance's days, attended from sept '64 until sept '70 when I went to Whitecross Boys in Hereford, good to see the old school still going, and a special hello to everyone from New Zealand.

Rating: Excellent

Jean Bourne
12 Jun 2014

Thank you to all the children and staff who made me so welcome on my visit this week - a very warm and welcoming school.

Rating: Excellent

Jenny Papworth
06 Jun 2013

Brilliant website - now I know what's going on without having to rummage around in Ben's desk to find the newsletter. Love all the photos too!

Rating: Excellent