Curriculum Statement

At St. Michael’s, our curriculum is designed so that all children have optimum opportunities to become the best that they can be.

Our curriculum is planned to make purposeful links across subjects and to meet the needs of our children within the community in which they are geographically and culturally located.

We have high aspirations for every pupil and aim to deepen knowledge and understanding as the children progress through the school. Children are encouraged to become active learners; they enjoy their learning, are curious to learn more and are supportive of each other in the classroom and in our outdoor environment.

Our Christian values, which are embedded across the curriculum, along with the promotion of key learning behaviours, create a positive attitude towards learning and life skills in our school.

We teach key learning behaviours through the school wide approach of the 'Parcel':

P - problem solving and perseverance
A - autonomy
R - reflection and resilience
C - creativity and curiosity
E - enthusiasm and determination
L - life-long love of learning

Children flourish both academically and personally, developing independence and creativity within our caring, nurturing environment. The curriculum is designed to develop the skills and knowledge needed to take learning forward, and is adapted and continuously evolving to focus on the children’s interests and reflect social and educational changes.

Children develop a positive mindset; they ask questions and are keen to develop their own learning. Teachers ensure that the curriculum is coherent, progressive and ambitious, enabling all children to make good progress.

Our curriculum is broad and balanced, with certain subjects, such as grammar, taught discretely. Lessons and activities are planned to embed and deepen learning by providing opportunities for skills and knowledge to be transferred and applied. Learning opportunities are provided beyond the classrooms, especially through the use of our large outdoor space, local nature reserve and educational visits.

Our children are supported to be global citizens with a respect and ownership for the natural world and the local community.

At St. Michael’s, children are divided into 4 houses: Mars, Neptune, Saturn and Earth. Children from all classes work collaboratively on several occasions throughout the school year, such as Sports Day, Inter-House sports competitions such as netball, football and rounders. Harvest Art competitions and Christmas tree decorating activities are planned and organised by the school house captains.

Community links are forged though inviting visitors into school to share their experiences, eg. our local Vicar visits the school regularly to lead collective worship. As part of our RE curriculum, regular visits to our local church contribute to further the children’s learning about Christian festivals, as well as deepening their religious understanding.