Event - Apple Juicing

27 September 2013

On Friday 27th September the whole school enjoyed harvesting the apples from the heavily laden trees in the school orchard as we made our own fresh juice.

We were very fortunate to have a wonderful group of parents who supported and explained each step of the juicing process to our classes throughout the day.

The end product was met with many smiles, refilled cups and comments that 'it tastes better than the juice that you buy'!

Collecting the apples.
We collected apples from the ground and picked them from the branches.

The apples were chopped and turned into 'pulp'. Class 2 were amazed at the speed of the machine!
Class 1 needed lots of strength to turn the press!

Mrs Jackson explained how the press squeezed the juice out of the apples.
After all the hard work, Class 4 were very pleased with the end product!