Event - Apple Pressing Day

14 October 2015

On the 14th of October 2015 the whole school, a class at a time, made apple juice using some kindly offered apple juicing and pressing equipment bought in by Layla Jackson.

We were very grateful to have a helpful group of parents come in and explain each step to the children.

We would like to thank everyone for the kindly donated apples. We had a great time and hope that we can do it next year!

by Lexi, Year 4

Picking the apples.
The parents chopped the apples up.

Parents used a big machine that squashed the apples so it was easier to get the juice out.
We pushed the lever to get the juice out and in to the bucket.

We all enjoyed the yummy juice and most of us went back for seconds!
Thank you to all the parents who helped out on the day.