Event - The Great Bodehnam Bake Off

October 2014

Year 6 children and their Class 1 'buddies' worked together in teams to make the perfect pizza. Appearance, texture, creativity, and of course the very important 'taste' were important components that judge, Miss Powis, was looking for.

It was fantastic to see how the children worked together as impressive team members, negotiating, sharing ideas, helping the younger children and agreeing on a final shape and design.

Checking that the quantity of water is precise is very important.
Everyone took turns with the mixing.

Lots of kneading and stretching was used to make the pizza base.
Very good spreading of the tomato puree.

Very precise and careful rolling needed for a perfect 'stuffed crust'!
The final creations ready for the judges.

Very tense as Miss Powis makes her decision, but the winner is very pleased with the result!