Event - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

18 January 2016

On Monday 18th January at 6pm, Class 4 performed their version of the Roald Dahl classic ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ on the main stage at The Courtyard! Performing in front of 100 people!

The children have been taking part in the Roald Dahl Literacy Project which is run by the Education Team at The Courtyard, Hereford. A practitioner came to school on five mornings during November and December and inspired the children with their literacy and drama skills.

The five sessions focused on getting to know the characters in ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, putting together a news broadcast, working with a script and then starting to get our own performance ‘on its feet’.

Class 4 put a lot of effort into their performance, even writing their own poems for each of the five lucky golden ticket winners and creating the actions!

The children thoroughly enjoyed their performance sharing day, taking part in a drama and arts and crafts workshop. The children had two fantastic run-throughs of their performance on the main stage in tech rehearsal, before putting on an amazing performance in the evening.

Thank you to all of the children for the hard work; we were all proud of them.

Willy Wonka doing a Grandpa Joe impression.
We worked hard on our facial expressions and body language.

Hooray for Charlie! Tech rehearsal on the main stage.
Drama session before we went on stage.

Drawing our dreams in the BFG’s ‘Dream Jar’.
Class 4 have produced some fantastic writing about ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ that we have displayed in the classroom.