Event - Christingle Service

2 February 2016

On Tuesday 2nd February the school and Pre School joined with many of our Parents and Carers to take part in our annual Christingle service at church.

Just like the Christingles themselves, the service was full of imagery and symbolism, and the timing was perfect as it was actually Candlemass on that very day!

The children had made their own Christingles during the morning at school and then were able to light them during the service. They also brought many donations to the work of the Church of England’s Children’s Society, which does so much to support young people who are living in difficult situations.

Our Pre School children loved holding their Christingles after they had lit the candles.
We all formed a circle around the adults who had joined us.

We enjoyed ourselves at the service and could look forward to eating the sweets on the Christingles afterwards!