Event - EYFS On Safari in the Elan Valley

27 May 2016

On Friday 27th May our Reception and older Pre School children travelled to the Elan Valley visitor centre in Wales to meet the very knowledgeable Educational Ranger, Fiona Wase to develop their existing knowledge of what would be under the water in a freshwater pond and under leaves, logs and stones in a woodland habitat.

A very excited group of children left school with high expectations and were not disappointed! After arriving at the centre and stopping for a well-deserved snack and toilet break we were taken by our driver, Jason, to the estate’s freshwater pond. The children had the opportunity to observe, identify and draw a range of creatures found in the pond. We were amazed at the variety of animals we discovered including a very large and impressive dragon fly nymph, tadpoles, water skaters and water boatmen but no platypus as one of our party suggested!

After our water safari was complete we moved to the woods to hunt for land creatures. The children had the opportunity to talk about the different features that land animals would need to survive in comparison to the creatures that had a pond habitat. Again we found a whole range of creatures including a millipede, centipede, many woodlice, slugs, beetles and even a newt! The children were fantastic at sharing their ideas and knowledge with their friends and I think Fiona was very impressed at their listening skills and knowledge about so many things including predators, carnivores and life cycles.

After a very busy morning, we returned to the visitor centre for a much needed picnic lunch, being out in the fresh air and a bus journey seems to make everyone very hungry!

We were incredibly proud of our children who were so well behaved on our visit and thoroughly enjoyed their experience. I wonder where we could go next?

Bananas and biscuits gave us lots of energy for the day ahead!
We were eager to see what the adults had managed to collect in the pond dip.

It looks like an animal has been spotted!
We needed to take great care not to harm the creatures as we scooped them into an observation pot.

We looked at everyone else’s creature and found out what they were called.
Some fabulous attention to detail as the children drew pictures of their animals and counted their legs.

Fiona demonstrated how to move logs and look underneath for animals that had made their home there. What would we find?
What have the girls found living under this log?

Centipedes were very tricky to catch.
We were very excited about finding a newt!

What have the boys found?