Event - Farm to Fork

28 April 2014

As part of a campaign to find out where our food comes from, Class 2 visited Tesco's in Hereford.

After putting on special tabards and hats we started to search for fruit and vegetables to match the colours of the rainbow. The visit also included a tour around the bakery and the opportunity to sample a wide range of cheeses produced from the milk of cows, sheep, goats and buffalo. Some of us were adventurous and tried cheeses that we had never tried before like the spicy Mexican cheese.

We were then given the opportunity to sit at the till and scan a range of foods before producing our own till receipt.

After a drink and platefuls of delicious fruit and vegetables to try it was time to return to school. We all had a very good morning and the adults and children all learnt something new about where our food comes from.

Getting sticky kneading the dough in the bakery.
What is the name of this fruit and what colour is it?

Scanning our shopping.
Some of us needed a bit of help.

Which is your favourite cheese?
Enjoying a healthy snack together.