Event - Class 1 Visit Hampton Court

24 June 2013

Class 1 have really enjoying our topic based around the local area and interesting places they have visited. After a growing interest in knights and dragons at the end of the last half term a castle magically appeared in the classroom! To combine the two themes, a visit to Hampton Court seemed an obvious choice.

The children had a fantastic day and were made very welcome by the castle tour guide, Gill, who happily answered any questions. We were able to look at heavy armour, open secret doors in the library and meet the castle lion called George.

The children all had different 'favourite' bits from the day and have been very inspired to write about their experiences back at school.

The children didn't like the thought of climbing the dark chimney to clean it.
It needed lots of hands to carry the candle snuffer.

The secret passage looked a good place to play 'hide and seek'!
The children thought about being a king or prince for the day.

Which way shall we go to find the middle of the maze?
Everyone explored the different paths and eventually we all met together at the tower.

The rocks behind the waterfall were very slippery but it was very exciting walking through.
We spotted dragonflies by the river and experimented with different widths of grass to make sounds.