Event - A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Courtyard

27 January 2017

On Tuesday 17th January 2017, Class 4 performed their modern day version of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ on the main stage of The Courtyard in Hereford. The main house was packed with family and friends of the children from Bodenham, as well as from Peterchurch School who also performed on the night.

Before Christmas, Class 4 worked with Dan Peglar from the Education Team at The Courtyard for ten hours, learning about William Shakespeare and his play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. The children thoroughly enjoyed these sessions and it was wonderful to see them grow in confidence each week.

Class 4 then worked hard rehearsing their modern day version of the play before arriving at The Courtyard on the 17th of January for the sharing day. On the day, Class 4 took part in a workshop run by the education team before having a chance to rehearse on the main stage.

In one workshop, the children wrote raps about William Shakespeare and one group were lucky enough to perform on the Courtyard stage after our performance.

Class 4’s performance was fantastic in the evening and we were all incredibly proud of them and their work. Thank you to everyone who worked with the children to help learn lines and organise costumes.

Well done Class 4!

Well done to these four boys who won the competition for writing the best rap!
Oberon and Titiania like to play tricks on each other.

Our workmen rehearsing their play.
Mysterious creatures of the night.