Event - Pirate Day

22 May 2013

Following on from our Pirate topic Class 2 sent invitations to Class 1 inviting them to join in with a morning of Pirate activities.

Everyone made a wonderful effort with their pirate costumes and some looked quite fearsome! After sorting ourselves into 4 pirate teams we set off to find treasure, make pirate grog, play pirate games and even make a pirate.

At breaktime we enjoyed fantastic pirate cakes made by a very kind Mum and drinks while sitting enjoying the sun in the orchard.

We all had a fantastic morning and it was an opportunity to get together with Class 1, it was great to see how well the older children took care of and worked alongside the younger ones.

Year 2's made the banners and helped decorate the classroom.
Some of our fearsome pirates.

Pirates climbing trees.
More tree climbing.

...and some more scary pirates!
Enjoying our snack.

Thank you for the cakes.
Pirates in the sun.

A few of the super pirates we made.
More of our super pirates.

Busy being creative.
What shall we put in our pirate grog?

Now where is that treasure?
I'm sure it is this way.

Moving the 'cannonballs'
Working together.

Timing is everything.
Enjoying a pirate story together.

A display of some of the pirate art and literacy work in Class 2.