Event - Queen's 90th Birthday Celebrations

9 May 2016

On Thursday 9th May the whole school went on a jubilee walk to celebrate the Queen`s 90th Birthday.

We all sat in the hall and Mr Wilson explained what fun things we would be doing on the walk. One of them was to go in our star colours, pick a partner, then decorate a plain egg box. The reason for this was so that we could collect six Natural Treasures to put in our egg box.

As we were walking, we had to wait for some cows to finish drinking, but when we did start to cross, a cow was a little bit angry that we were walking in his field so he decided to start to follow Mr Wilson and again we had to wait until he moved away

We all enjoyed doing this activity and all bought back some interesting things.

When we finally arrived back (after waiting for the cow to move) we all shared our natural treasures in our colour groups, and each group had a winner!. Then we all had a yummy picnic outside with our class and a little bit of cake to celebrate!

This day was very successful and rather sunny and everyone enjoyed it!

Our winners of the best treasure hunter 2016, with the Queen, looking stunning in their crowns!
Woohoo! Going over the bridge and waving our flags is fun!

Decorating our egg Boxes!
On our walk in the fields.

Hello Your Majesty, how`s your birthday been today?!