Event - Year 6 Recipe Book Project

10 November 2016

Year 6 have been very lucky to take part in this year’s ‘Recipe Book Project’. At the end of the project, children from five schools in Herefordshire will have the chance to have their recipes made into a local cookbook.

During the first session, children were introduced to the project and looked at different locally grown fruits and vegetables, as well as investigating different spices that we use for cooking. For homework, children were given a season to create a recipe for and were encouraged to work with their families to create a recipe.

In the second session, they shared their recipes (which all sounded delicious) and then they drew pictures of different fruits, vegetables and cooking utensils. The children really enjoyed this and we were amazed at their fantastic drawings!

Finally, on 10th November, the children led a Key Stage 2 Collective Worship, explaining what they had done in their sessions. We were very proud of their attitude towards this.

We discussed different vegetables and their seasons.
We carefully drew some vegetables and cooking utensils for the final recipe book.

We explained to Years 3, 4 and 5 what we had been doing in our sessions in a collective worship time.