Event - River Study Day

11 June 2013

Hazel and Sarah led an interesting assembly explaining about the types of minibeasts that might be found in the River Lugg. We also learnt about the different types of pollution that effect these creatures.

Each class then studied river samples and used a simple key to try and identify some of the common creatures. After lunch we all took a turn at river sampling using the 'shuffle sampling' method. Amongst all the many shrimps Class 4 managed to find a crayfish and Class 3 were lucky enough to spot a mayfly which had just hatched.

All the children really enjoyed the experience and have felt they have learnt something new about the river.

Class 2 searching for minibeasts in the river samples.
Class 1 getting ready to 'dip'.

Hazel releasing a mayfly nymph.
Have you caught an anything yet?

What have you found?
Investigating and recording.

Come and look what I've found!
Enjoying the walk to the river with our friends.

Do you think there's something in there?
We even brought some water back with us!

Look, miss!
Can you spot the crayfish?

Using the key to find out what we have caught.