Event - Scavenger Hunt

17 July 2013

On Wednesday 17th July everyone (apart from our Year 6s, who had already been on a walk with their Class One 'Buddies') went for a scavenger hunt in the local fields and woods around Bodenham.

We competed as teams of mixed Infant and Junior children, and were able to gain points by collecting objects that were described on lists that we were each given, as well as bonus points for good teamwork. In the end the winners were the Yellows, with a total of 120 points.

We all had a lovely morning in the sunshine and fresh air!

We had to have our discoveries verified by an adult!
The weather was perfect for learning outside.

There was time for a rest by the river!
We searched in the woods.

Everything was explored very carefully.
The Yellow team...

The Red team...
The Blue team...

...and the Green team.