Event - National Science Week

13 to 17 March 2017

Following a successful application earlier this year to create a Bee World, supported by Friends of the Earth, we decided to have a theme of ‘Bees’ for National Science Week.

We began the week with a fantastic talk by Mike Healey from the Herefordshire Bee Keepers Association. The children learned about the different roles of various bees with the beehive, and some fascinating facts about the work of the bees to produce a jar of honey.

Having found out about the role of the male drone bees, Class 2 was very lucky to have a go at flying some electronic drones. They learnt how to instruct the drones and then wrote their own programmes to include taking off, hovering, gliding and even flips, before trying to get it to land on a target lily pad.

On Tuesday, Class 1 baked some delicious honey biscuits, carefully weighing out and mixing the ingredients, and began building their own honeycomb using egg boxes inside a huge cardboard box. Class 3 found out about the importance of pollination in producing seeds to make new plants, and drew pictures of seeds within fruits from real life examples.

Class 3 had a brilliant day at Madley Environmental Study Centre on Wednesday. The children built flowers from branches and leaves on the wood floor before making some cute bees using alder cones and yellow wool. We learnt how to make natural paints using mud, charcoal and wild garlic leaves. Our paintings not only looked good, but smelt good too! The afternoon had a maths focus with the children using what they could find in the woods to create a picture with as many different shapes in it and a number trail. A big thank you to staff and parents who gave up their time, and cars, to enable Class 3 to go on this trip.

Throughout the week, classes have been involved in turning the old pond area in the front orchard into our Bee World.

Bell’s Homes, who are building the new houses at England’s Gate, kindly donated some topsoil, and two builders to help move the soil to fill in the pond. The children scattered the bee-attracting seeds, and we are looking forward to seeing them grow later in the year. Class 1 and the preschool children had the very important job of stomping all over the soil to make sure it was level and all the seeds were covered! The garden was then decorated with some stained-glass window effect bees made by Class 4 and some large stones which had been painted by Class 3.

On Friday, MP Bill Wiggin came to look at the children’s work and open the Bee World. We celebrated with tasty honey biscuits which had been baked by Class 2. And the week would not have been complete without a bee cake for cake of the week!

'Cake of the Week'.
Cutting the ribbon to open our bee garden.

MP Bill Wiggin with the children admiring our new BEE friendly flower garden.
Class 2 coding the drones to land on the flower patch.

Class 2 planting the seeds.
Class 3’s trip to Madley Environmental Centre.

Hereford Bee Keepers Association came in and explained how a hive works.
Bell homes donated the top soil for our garden.