Event - Summer Production

9 and 10 July 2013

Every year we put on a production at the end of the summer term. This is a way of giving the children something to aim for as the end of the school year approaches, as well as giving the Year 6s an opportunity to be 'made a fuss of' and show their skills in front of an audience.

This year we took a World War Two theme and presented a play called 'The Home Front'. The whole school took part, with pride of place going to the Year 6s as Home Guard, an Air Raid Warden and mums of evacuees.

Well done to all concerned!

Our own squadron of Spitfires!
The bombs begin to fall.

The Air Raid Warden calms everyone in the shelter.
Evacuees worry about leaving home.

When they arrive at Bodenham, the evacuees are sent to different homes.
Facts taken from the actual log books kept during the War by the Headteacher.

The Home Guard stand easy.
The Captain rallies his troops.

The Sergeant asks the Home Guard to fall in.
We'll meet again - don't know where; don't know when...