Event - Visit to Tanzania

7 February 2015

On 7th February 2015, Mrs Alty travelled to Tanzania to visit Tengeru Primary School in Tanzania. The theme of the link between the two schools is fair play.

Mrs Alty took with her lots of instructions for skipping and playground games that the children from St Michael's had written. She also took letters to their pen pals and information about the children's favourite food and school dinners.

While she was in Tanzania, she taught the children some of the games from England and the children from Tengeru taught her some games which she is going to share with the children back home.

The trip was a great success with staff from England and Tanzania exchanging ideas and teaching methods.

We are looking forward to Mrs Neema Mpinga visiting St Michael's in June where she will be teaching the children about life in Tanzania.

Playing a traditional African game - push the stone.
Lunch time. The children have either ugali (stiff porridge) or mkande (maze and beans) for lunch.

These children shared their games with Mrs Alty.
Mr Msongo (Headteacher at Tengeru School) and Mrs Mpinga (who will be visiting in June).

A classroom at Tengeru School.