Event - Our Tanzanian Visitor

29 June 2015

On Monday 29th June, Mrs Neema Mpinga Phillemon travelled from Tengeru Primary School near Arusha in Tanzania, to spend just over a week working with the children in our school.

Tengeru Primary and St Michaels School have been linked for just over two years and have worked on a number of joint projects so that the children and staff can learn from one another.

The theme of this year's project was fair play. Earlier in the year, Mrs Alty, travelled to Tanzania and taught the children there, some of the games that we play at St Michaels. Mrs Mpinga told us that the children are still playing and enjoying these games today.

Over the week, Mrs Mpinga worked with Classes 2, 3 and 4 and taught them a variety of African games including Dama (like hopscotch), Simba ni Mkahli (lion attack) and mancala (a board game). The children in Class 3 also learnt some Swahili songs to sing whilst playing the games.

On Wednesday the 1st July, Mrs Mpinga was joined by two of her colleagues (who are linked with other schools in the area) and the children performed a concert for them. It included singing, musical instrument performances and some poetry recital.

Later in the afternoon, Classes 2, 3 and 4 then joined together to have a game of Termite Task. The children learnt to count to 10 in Swahili and then used this knowledge to play the game.

The children and staff really enjoyed this culturally diverse week!

Mrs Alty with Mrs Mpinga from Tengeru School in Tanzania.
Mr Wilson presenting Neema with gifts from the school and staff.

The children enjoyed the time they spent with Neema learning about life in Tanzania.
Some of Class 4 playing Mancala (a traditional African game).

Playing Termite Task (aka: A beetle drive).
The children learnt to count to 10 in Swahili.

Class 3 learning to play 'rotten egg'.
This game is called 'Dama'. It is similar to hopscotch.