Event - Class 3's Viking Day

8 July 2014

On Tuesday the 8th July, Class 3 had a special Viking day when Mr History came along for the day, bringing with him lots of artefacts for the children to look at and hold.

The day started with an introduction to who the Vikings were and where they came from. The children looked at model Longships and studied maps of where the Vikings sail to and from. Next, the children learnt about the weapons and armour that the Vikings wore and had the opportunity to dress like a Viking warrior and hold replica Viking swords and shields.

During the rest of the day, the children played Viking board games, found out about the daily life of Vikings, built a Viking bed and looked at the differences between Viking and Saxon costume.

It was a great day and the children really enjoyed learning about Viking life in this fun and interactive way. It was also a great way to celebrate this topic that they have been studying throughout the term.

Using a giant map to show where the Vikings came from.
A Viking battle.

We hope those shields are strong!
Wow, what a loud noise!

Learning about a Viking settlement.
A Viking child's toy.

Saxon and Viking costume.
A game of [King's Table.'

Drawing the artefacts.