Event - A Visitor from Welsh Water

10 March 2016

On Thursday 10th March, Mary from Welsh Water Education team came to our school to explain why and how the pipes are being replaced in our area.

In the morning, Class 3 and 4 completed a workshop where they worked in teams to build a gravity water system that served a community. They were only allowed to place their pipes along the roads in the maps and had to use the minumum amount of piping. They also had to ensure that they had the least amount of traffic lights at the road junctions.

In assembly, Mary explained how pipes take water to and from our houses and what happens to the waste water that is collected from our homes.

The children learnt a lot and enjoyed making a human waste system at the front of the hall. They also discovered that energy can be produced from waste material (poo power!).

Enjoying the activity in Class 3.
Pouring the water in.

Thinking about where to put the pots.
Teamwork power!