Event - Year 6's trip to London

22 to 24 June 2015

On Monday 22nd June 2015, twenty excited (but a little tired) Year 6 pupils arrived at school ready for their 7.00am departure for London.

The children were joined by Miss Powis, Mrs Layton, Mrs Watkins and Mr Holt on their adventure.

We arrived at the Natural History Museum to take part in our 'investigate' session where we studied different materials under microscopes. We all really enjoyed this session and were disappointed when it was time to leave. We also visited the Earthquakes and Volcanoes section of the museum as we had been studying this in Class 4 this term. We felt what it was like during an earthquake and realised how scary it would actually be! We also had our photo taken in front of the blue whale and had a chance to walk around the dinosaur section.

Next, we went to St Paul's Cathedral and went up to the whispering gallery. Miss Powis took thirteen children up to the top of St Paul's Cathedral and we surveyed London from above the dome. We had a fantastic experience!

On Tuesday 23rd June, we set off on a London Service bus (a rather unexpected start to our day) to Victoria. From here, we embarked on our walking tour of London. We saw: Buckingham Palace, where the changing of the guard was taking place; Trafalgar Square; Walked down Whitehall and saw the Cenotaph and Downing Street; Crossed Westminster Bridge and saw the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

Then we rode the London Eye – we were very excited that we could see so much! Then we went on the River boat cruise. That evening, we watched 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. We all had a fantastic time and would love to go to the theatre again!

On Wednesday morning we visited the Tower of London and saw the Crown Jewels, before getting on the bus and heading to 'Harry Potter Studio Tour'. We all had a fantastic time here and spent three hours walking around everything and having our pictures taken. We all loved the Hogwarts Express and model Hogwarts Castle!

We arrived home at 9.00pm after a fabulous trip. All the adults were very proud of all the children who behaved brilliantly and represented the school beautifully.

Well done Year 6!

Using the microscopes in the 'investigate' room at The Natural History Museum.
Entering 'The Red Zone' at The Natural History Museum.

Earthquakes and Volcanoes!
Looking out over London above the dome of St Paul's Cathedral.

Outside Buckingham Palace. The Queen was in residence!
Trafalgar Square.

Excited to watch 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'!
Outside the Jewel House.

Hogwarts Castle.