Event - 'Ye Ha!'

12 and 13 July 2016

Every year we put on a Summer Production at school, to give the older children (and the Year 6s in particular) the opportunity to end the year with a big event, after the SATs have all finished.

This year we had a 'Wild West' theme, as we performed the play 'Ye Ha!'.

We had a great time and the children really threw themselves into their roles. They particularly enjoyed practising their American accents on each other!

The whole production was a roaring success, with special thanks going to Mrs Chambers, Miss Powis, Mrs Glover, Miss Amos and Mrs Burdsall for all that they did in a huge number of ways.

Mad Dog McNut’s Gang.

The Barbershop Quartet.
Dwayne Dimples and Tex Truman.

Everyone had a part to play in the production.