Local Governance

There is a combined local governance structure in place, which covers both St Michael’s CE Primary and Burley Gate CE Primary schools.

The governance structure is populated by local representatives from both schools, communities and personnel from the DHMAT team. This group monitors various aspects of school, especially Quality of Education within both schools.

Members of this group are formally appointed by the DHMAT Board of Directors. Parents are normally appointed through an election process, however if there are not enough applicants, and following an application process and recommendation, an appointment can be made by the Board of Directors.

Governance is determined by the Scheme of Delegated Authority. A normal term of office is four years. Meetings are held half termly.

Strategic Task Group Members

  • Jon Hughes – STG Chair
  • Rev Steven Baggs
  • Alison Chambers – HoS St Michaels
  • Joy Edwards
  • Martin Hewitt
  • Julia Hoskins
  • Louise Layton - Staff
  • Martin Lewis
  • Claire McKeown - DHMAT
  • Penny Mess
  • Sue Moody
  • Deborah Mould
  • Meta Philipotts – HoS Burley Gate
  • Rev Paul Roberts
  • Andrew Teale – CEO DHMAT
  • Clare Edwards – Clerk

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