Snippets of News

Lucton Aquathalon

17 October 2018

Our fabulous swimmers.

These children all represented St Michael’s school at Lucton Aquathalon.

Making Apple Juice

9 October 2018

Turning the apples into juice.

We enjoyed picking the apples from the orchard and learning how to turn them into apple juice.

Trumpet Ploughing Match

4 October 2018

The Trumpet ploughing match.

The whole school enjoyed finding out about how farming has changed at the Trumpet ploughing match in October.

World Book Day

1 March 2018

Dressed in pyjamas for World Book Day.

Dressed in pyjamas, we celebrated World Book day at St Michael’s with a book quiz and shared reading in mixed age groups.


25 January 2018

The children in the church with their Christingles.

Thank you to all family and friends who joined us to celebrate Christingle.

Lucton Aquathlon

17 October 2017

The team in their brand new sports kit.

On Tuesday 17th October, sixteen children from Classes 3 and 4 travelled to Lucton School to compete in their annual aquathlon.

Children in Years 3 and 4 swam four lengths and then ran 800m; children in Years 5 and 6 swam six lengths and ran 1600m.

The children had a fantastic day and their behaviour was, as always, exemplary. The children were always supportive of one another: cheering each other on and the older children ran the last little bit of the race with the younger ones to keep them going.

We were lucky enough to win two medals: Sophia came third in the Year 3 girls race and James came second in the Year 5 boys race. Congratulations!

It was also a particularly exciting day as our new school kit was worn for the first time! The school were lucky enough to receive a donation that paid for new sports kit for our sports teams. A huge thank you to those who were involved in organising this.

Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came to support the children and ensure they had a great day.

Well done to all the children who took part.

Raising Money for Tanzania

13 October 2017

Our cake sale in aid of Tanzania.

Last week the money raised from cake of the week was sent to our link school in Tanzania (Tengeru primary).

A huge thank you to all those who bought a ticket and also to the parents association and startots who also made donations.

The winning ticket for the amazing Mount Kilimanjaro cake was won by Class 4 and was enjoyed by all of them. We were able to send £130 to Tengeru school, which we know will make a huge difference.

Class 1 and Year 6 Buddies at Tillington Fruit Farm

13 July 2017

Young and older children at the farm together.

As a special end of year treat for Class 1 and their Year 6 ‘buddies’, the children spent a very enjoyable morning at Court Farm, Tillington.

There were lots of opportunities to identify, pick and most importantly eat lots of different types of fruit including strawberries, raspberries and cherries!

A Visit from an Archaeologist

27 June 2017

The children working with Leon, the archaeologist.

Class 3 were very excited to be visited by an archaeologist to find out more about their current topic of the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.

Leon Bracelin, resident archaeologist at Ludlow Castle, brought in examples of artefacts that he has found on various digs he has worked on during the past 20 years. These included examples of pottery from a variety of eras.

Leon explained how pottery can be a really good indicator of a date because each era has its own style, going back as far as the Neolithic era. They were particularly fascinated by the piece of iron age pottery with a child’s finger impression on it. He also showed them the equipment he takes when he goes on a dig including waterproof paper, so he can carry on working even in the rain!

The children carried out a mock dig to discover some fossils. They used brushes to remove loose dirt and then referred to identification sheets to work out what type of fossil it was.

Class 3 had prepared interview style questions to find out more about the work of an archaeologist, and were captivated by his responses, finding out that he had helped to recover 750,000 pieces of pottery on one of his earliest digs.

Leon is currently studying for a PhD in Landscape Archaeology at the University of Worcester. He is undertaking a residential survey of gardens in Ludlow to discover more about the history of the town. To find out more about the work he is doing, you may visit his website (external link).

Easter Service

4 April 2017

Easter Service in Church.

On Tuesday 4th April, we held our annual, Easter Service at St. Michael’s Church. Once again we joined in an act of worship together with Parents and family members.

Each class contributed a special item to the event, with a range of different types of offering.

Thank you to everyone who was able to come along and join with the children, to celebrate this most important of Christian festivals.

Luctonians Tag Rugby Festival

29 March 2017

Our Tag Rugby players.

Eight children from Class 4 competed in the annual Tag Rugby festival hosted by Luctonians Rugby Club.

The team came 4th in their group, recording one win, two draws and a loss. This put them through to the vase competition where unfortunately we were runners-up, losing a close game 7-6 in extra time.

We were incredibly proud of the children, who all represented the school superbly, showing great teamwork, sportsmanship and manners throughout the day. They all had a fantastic day – well done!

Football and Netball Matches at Ashperton Primary

6 March 2017

On Monday 6th March 2016, one football team and two netball teams travelled to Ashperton Primary School

For netball, it was decided that the children would play a match of four quarters where the Year 5 and 6 team would play the first half of the match and the Year 3 and 4 team would play the second half of the match. Both teams played well and showed great team work, supporting each other throughout the game. We are very pleased to say that Bodenham won the match 6-1.

In football, it was an evenly matched game, with the play going to end to end. Bodenham’s team created some fantastic chances and Harvey Allen in our goal gave a great performance. We were pleased that the game finished in a 1-1 draw.

Well done to all the children who took part and thank you to those who were able to transport the children and come to support them.

Cross Country at Lucton School

9 February 2017

The Years 5 and 6 Cross Country Team.

On Thursday 9th February, thirteen children from Class 4 travelled to Lucton School to compete in their annual cross country competition.

It was a rather cold afternoon and a difficult course with lots of mud and puddles.

All of the children showed great determination and finished well, with lots of smiles as they ran. Everyone had a great afternoon and were incredibly enthusiastic about running and competing. Well done everyone!

Winter Games – Sportshall Athletics

8 February 2017

Our sportshall athletics team.

On Wednesday 8th February, twelve children from Class 4 attended the Winter Games final for sportshall athletics. The children originally competed at Hereford Academy in January and their results meant that they were put through to the finals at Hereford Leisure Centre.

The children showed great determination in every activity they took part in and had a great afternoon. We were incredibly proud of all of the children and the way they supported each other and the other schools who were competing.

St Michael’s came 7th out of the 11 schools that were competing in the finals. A huge congratulations to all of the children for their hard work!

Cross country ‘trudge’ at John Masefield High School

1 February 2017

On Wednesday 1st February, eight children from Key Stage 2 took part in a cross country ‘Trudge’ at John Masefield High School, Ledbury.

The children had a fantastic afternoon and showed great determination on a very muddy course to come 4th overall out of 9 schools. A huge well done to all the children who were involved.

Sports Hall Athletics

25 January 2017

The team.

On Wednesday 25th January, twelve children from Class 4 travelled to The Academy in Hereford to take part in a sports hall athletics competition. This was a qualifier for the Winter School Games, with the top team going through.

The children were split into a girls and boys to compete, with scores being combined to give an overall team score. The children took part in relay races for running and an obstacle course, as well as a javelin, speed bounce and standing long jump competitions. A big well done to Bradford Garlick who threw the foam javelin 19.95 metres, a winning throw.

The children showed great determination throughout the afternoon and were supportive of each other. We are very pleased to say that we are now through to the Winter Games Final in February. Well done to everyone who took part.

Football and Netball Matches vs Sutton Primary Academy

16 January 2017

Our sports players.

On Monday 16th January, one football and one netball team travelled to Sutton Primary Academy to play a match.

The children played well and in the end there were wins for both Bodenham’s netball and football team.

The netballers beat Sutton 4-2 and the footballers won 2-1. Congratulations to everyone who took part

Choir Perform in Pyramid Carol Concert

6 December 2016

The choir singing in the concert.

On Tuesday 6th December the choir performed at the Earl Mortimer College Pyramid Carol concert.

They sang beautifully and we were very proud of them all.

Children in Need 'Trudge'

16 November 2016

On our fund-raising walk.

After being inspired by the amazing and brave young people walking for charity on BBC’s Countrywide programme, the whole school decided to step out on their own ‘trudge’ around Bodenham.

We enjoyed spotting and collecting autumn ‘treasures’ walking to the local bird hide and lake.

We were able to raise over £200 to support the charity as well as enjoying being out and about in our local countryside.

Netball Tournament at The Academy

9 November 2016

Well done to the children who took part in the tournament.

On Wednesday 9th November, two netball teams travelled to The Academy in Hereford for a netball tournament.

Children from Years 4, 5 and 6 were mixed together to form two teams and each child had a go at playing in the different positions.

There were seven teams in total and we had a great afternoon packed with netball matches.

It was lovely to see the children grow in confidence throughout the tournament and shine. Even though we did not progress into the Winter Games Final, the children of Bodenham St Michael’s were praised by the organiser for their fantastic team work and support of one another.

Mrs Chambers and Miss Powis were incredibly proud of all the children: their behaviour, team work and sportsmanship was fantastic.

Nutters Day at Queenswood

2 November 2016

Teamwork in the woodland habitat.

On Wednesday 2nd November, Class 1 and 2 travelled to Queenswood for a very enjoyable morning with Hayley Herridge from Herefordshire Wildlife Trust.

The children took part in a range of activities and games to increase their understanding of the local natural world and the Autumn season.

Good teamwork was needed to spot different creatures and plants that would live in the woodland habitat and we discovered the best places to find nuts ‘nibbled’ by dormice and ‘cracked’ by squirrels in their hibernation preparation.

Celebrating Harvest in Class 1

19 October 2016

What would you like to buy today?

Class 1 have enjoyed learning about different vegetables and have made bread animals as part of their Harvest celebrations.

Our role play has been converted into a fruit and vegetable shop with ‘real’ produce and we are very impressed with the mathematical language that the children have used in their play.

We would like to say a particular thank you to Isabella’s dad who has made us a fabulous market stall, which has already been very popular!

We are hoping to use the vegetables to make soup after the half term holiday. Please keep checking our website as I am sure we will post some more updates.

Checking on our School Pond

27 September 2016

Nigel and children checking the school pond.

On 27th September Nigel Hand (the ecologist who helped construct the pond) came into school to see how the pond was establishing itself.

He was very pleased with its progress and found that a variety of species had successfully colonised the area.

A group of children helped him to put some special weed in that will oxygenise the water and help promote wildlife. The children had fun watching the pond skaters and water spiders race across the water’s surface.

Sign Making for the h.Energy Festival

22 September 2016

Making signs for the festival.

Each year a festival celebrating and encouraging sustainability in Herefordshire is held at Queenswood. It is run by the New Leaf organisation and this year it takes place from 7th to 9th October.

This year our school was asked to help create the signs that will be displayed all over the local area to advertise this event.

The children had a great time exploring and then creating leaf shapes in vinyl, as well as applying the lettering. We were led in the workshop by artist and New Leaf Curator Jaime Jackson, and everyone had a great time. Well done to everyone!

Pirates in Class 1

23 June 2016

“Ah-haaarrr, me heartys!”

A really fun morning in Class 1 on Thursday 23rd June as we were once again joined by our new Reception children for their second induction morning.

The sun shone as we took part in a whole range of activities based on different areas of the curriculum including some very noisy and energetic pirate team games and songs in the hall!

Year 4 Cricket at Luctonians

17 June 2016

The boys cricket team.

A huge well done to Year 4 boys cricket team for competing in a recent tournament at Luctonians on Friday 17th June.

Luckily we had some nice weather, and the boys played well and we were all proud of their effort and behaviour throughout the day.

Year 6 London Residential

16 to 18 June 2016

Enjoying the view of London from the London Eye.

On Monday 16th to Wednesday 18th June, the Year 6 children visited the capital.

We had a busy three days but the children had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed their trip.

Many people commented on how well behaved our children were and we were very proud of them.

Reception's First Taster Morning

16 June 2016

Enjoying activities on our taster morning.

We loved welcoming our new Reception children to their first ‘taster’ morning at big school on Thursday 16th June.

Many of the children have spent Tuesday afternoons in Class 1 over the last two terms as part of the close links with our preschool.

Everyone was very excited and busy and we look forward to their second visit this week, joining Class 1 for a morning of pirate themed activities. After listening to the story of Stick Man we decided to use sticks and wool for weaving, and we used paint to explore pattern, printing and texture.

If you are looking for a reception place for your child we still have spaces available in September.

Girls Cricket Tournament Abandoned!

14 June 2016

The girls cricket team.

Our girls Cricket team from Years 4, 5 and 6 played at Bartestree on Tuesday 14th June.

Unfortunately the tournament was cancelled because of the rain after one game.

We were proud of their efforts, nevertheless.

Year 5/6 Boys' Cricket Tournament

6 June 2016

Very well done to our winning team!

On Monday 6th June our intrepid Year 5/6 Cricket team travelled to Luctonians RFC in Kingsland for the North Herefordshire Kwik Cricket Tournament.

The weather was very kind and the competition was very hard-fought. In the end after a series of extremely close matches our children did very well and actually managed to win the competition!

Orleton 230 – St Michael’s 234
Kingsland 252 – St Michael’s 266
Wigmore 218 – St Michael’s 225

Huge congratulations to everyone involved. The boys can now look forward to the County Finals in Hereford in July!

Bronze Award for our Aquathalon Team

6 May 2016

Our super team.

A determined team of pupils from Years 3 to 6 enjoyed the long awaited sunshine, swimming and running to a well-deserved bronze team medal at Lucton School’s annual aquathalon event for local schools.

We were very proud of our pupils who were fantastic representatives of the school, displaying impeccable behaviour together with support and encouragement for each member of the team as they crossed the finishing line!

Hereford Performing Arts Festival

19 April 2016

On Tuesday 19th April our school went to the Courtyard Theatre to take part in the Hereford Performing Arts Festival.

We performed two songs, and competed against four other schools. We did not win, but everybody had a good time.

Thank you to everyone who came along to support us, we had a great time and it was exciting to perform in front of so many people!

Tag Rugby Tournament at Luctonians

23 March 2016

The Year 5/6 team.

On Wednesday 23rd March, a team of ten children from Year 5 and 6 went to Luctonians to compete in their annual rugby tournament.

The children were very excited, especially after the tag rugby coaching we have had this term from coaches at Luctonians, and played very well as a team.

They had a mixture of wins, losses and draws but they remained enthusiastic and hard-working regardless.

The team made it through to the final of the Vase competition but unfortunately they lost that match. Overall, we came 6th out of 40 teams. Well done to all the children who took part.

Bromyard Tag Rugby Tournament

16 March 2016

Action from the Tag Rugby tournament.

On Wednesday 16th March, the Year 4 boys took part in the Year 4, 5, 6 Tag Ruby tournament in Bromyard.

For many of the boys, this was the first tournament that they had participated in and they were all feeling quite nervous at the start. However, after an hours coaching, their confidence improved and they were ready to play some matches.

In all, the boys played six games – they won one and drew two – to come 7th overall out of 14 teams.

It was great to see the team work and support that the boys displayed over the afternoon and we are really proud of the way they represented the school –well done to all those that took part.

Cross Country Competition at St. Richard's School

7 March 2016

On Monday 7th March a team of Year 5 and 6 girls and boys took part in the 26th Annual St Richards Cross Country competition. It was a tough course, over several kilometres with lots of muddy sections, stiles and streams to negotiate.

The children did incredibly well, the boys team finishing in 5th place overall and the girls coming 3rd. A special well done to Phoebe Woods who won 3rd place in the girl’s competition and received a medal.

As always, the children behaved beautifully and represented their school well.

Netball and Football Results

29 February 2016

Congratulations to the two netball teams and football team who won their matches on Monday 29th February.

The netball A team from St Michael’s beat Pencombe 16 – 3 and the netball B team beat Pencombe 18 – 0.

The St Michael’s football team travelled to Ashperton Primary School and won 4 – 1.

Well done to all the children who played and thank you to the parents who came to watch and support the children.

Netball Team Winners

23 February 2016

The winning netball team with their mascot.

Well done to our netball teams who won their match against Kimbolton Primary School on Tuesday 23rd February.

The match was won by 10 to 2.

Congratulations to all children involved and thank you to everyone who supported the teams.

Tag Rugby Winners

23 February 2016

The triumphant tag rugby team with their mascot.

Congratulations to the tag rugby team who won their match against Kimbolton Primary School on Tuesday 23rd February.

The team won 10 – 5.

All children involved played well as a team and demonstrated good communication and fair play.

Lucton Cross Country Competition

11 February 2016

The team still smiling after the race.

On Thursday 11th February, 10 Year 5/6 children took part in the cross country meet at Lucton School.

The children ran a challenging 1.6km course through the school grounds with many uphill sections.

Although it was a beautiful sunny day, the course was extremely muddy and even though many of the children had their trainers taped on, some still managed to lose a shoe!

The children all gave their best and some even managed a sprint finish. Well done to all that took part.

Netball Matches at Burley Gate Primary School

25 January 2016

On Monday 25th of January, two netball teams went to Burley Gate School to play a match.

The A team won their game 6 -1 and the B team also won their game 2- 0. Well done to all the children involved!

The Yarn Spinner

10 November 2015

A Nordic myth that included Thor, the God of thunder.

On Tuesday 10th November, children from Year 2 through to Year 6 were treated to a morning of storytelling.

The theme was ‘Myths and Monsters’ and we heard stories from different countries, including: an Egyptian myth that included a great Sphinx; Nordic myths that included Thor and Loki; and Greek myths, such as that of Perseus and Medusa.

The children enjoyed the stories and were keen to discuss and retell the stories that they had heard.

School Council Elections

22 October 2015

Voting in the School Council election.

Our School Council exists to represent the children in their class and bring forward their ideas and issues to the rest of the school, including the Parents and Staff. It is a very important role that carries a lot of responsibility.

On Thursday 22nd October we held our elections for our School Council representatives for each class.

We decided to explore the fundamental British value of Democracy by finding out about how our country runs elections in real life. We then ran an election involving speeches written by the children, explaining what they would do if they were elected. We finished by voting in our official polling booth.

It was a very interesting and exciting time in school. The votes were counted and the winners duly announced later in the day!

Tag Rugby Tournament at Luctonians Rugby Club

25 March 2015

Members of our Tag Rugby team.

On Wednesday 25th March, eleven Year 6s went to Luctonians Rugby Club for a tag rugby tournament.

St Michael's played in a group against Wigmore 1, Trinity, Almeley 2 and Kingsland 2. The scores were as follows:

  • Against Wigmore 1 we lost 8 – 0.
  • Against Trinity we won 4 – 3.
  • Against Almeley 2 we won 7 – 0.
  • Against Kingsland 2 we lost 5 – 2.

St Michael's went through to the Vase competition and played Orleton B in the Quarter Finals where we lost 4 – 2.

The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we are all proud of the way they played and their fantastic behaviour.

Choir at Herefordshire Performing Arts Festival

17 March 2015

Our talented choir members.

On the 17th March our Key Stage 2 choir entered the Herefordshire Performing Arts Festival.

We sang two songs and competed against four other schools and came second overall.

Thank you to everyone who came along to support us, we had a great time and it was exciting to perform in front of so many people!

Red Nose Day

13 March 2015

Class 4's amazing bakers.

To raise money for Comic relief – Red Nose Day - everyone came to school with a funny face.

Class 4 also baked and set up their own cake stall raising a fantastic £66.72 which gave us a total of £137.

Thank you to everyone who donated and a special thank you to the bakers in Class 4.

Book Fair

5 February 2015

Look at all the books we have bought!

A big thank you to everyone who supported our book fair.

We sold an amazing £680 worth of books and the commission the school received enabled us to buy all of these books!

A Visit from Welsh Water

2 February 2015

Brushing our teeth, whilst monitoring the water wastage.

On Monday 2nd February, we were lucky enough at school to be visited by a team from Welsh Water. They came into school, as part of their Water Wise Project, to deliver a whole school assembly and then a workshop with the children in class 3.

The whole school assembly was enjoyed by all and the children learnt about the water cycle and how we get water in our homes. We even learnt about how much water we waste when we leave the tap running when brushing our teeth – two buckets full of water!

Class 3 then had a fantastic time in their workshop, taking part in practical activities that helped them learn about water wastage.

Leominster Carol Concert

10 December 2014

Singing in Leominster.

We joined with other local schools to perform a selection of Christmas songs and readings.

Thank you to everyone who came along to this event to support the children and to take part. It was a lovely occasion and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

A Visit from our Friends in Tanzania

November 2014

Tanzanian visitors.

We welcomed Emmanuelle Muna and Gilman Ndaba from Tanzania to our school.

They answered many questions from the children during assembly and we were able to find out even more about life in Tanzania.

Surprise Visitors Help with Literacy Lessons

3 October 2014

Piglets meet the children.

On Wednesday 3rd October, we were delighted to welcome two very exciting visitors to Class 1 and 2.

One of our lovely parents, Mrs Lewis, brought two, seven day old piglets, to help Class 1 learn all about the 'p' sound. The pigs were extremely popular and surprisingly cuddly!

Year 1 children used this 'hands on' experience to write questions for a 'What am I?' based game whilst Year 2 were eager to use their new knowledge making pig fact files.

Year 4 Boys Kwik Cricket Winners

July 2014

Our winning Kwik Cricket team.

The Year 4 boys took part in the Luctonians cricket competition. They played and won all four of their games and therefore went through to the county cricket finals which were held at the Herefordshire Youth games.

They not only played brilliantly but also showed great teamwork and encouraged each other throughout.

We are pleased to say that they are now County champions as they won all of their games. Well done boys!

Golf Champion

July 2014

Our golf champion holds his trophy.

On of our pupils represented St Michael's school in the Earl Mortimer College, Primary Sports partnership golf tournament.

We are delighted to say that he won the tournament. Many congratulations to a future Rory McIlroy!

Visit by Local Author, Simon Morse

27 March 2014

Classes 1 and 2 enjoyed the story of 'Rocket Boy'.

Following a hugely enjoyable World Book Day at St. Michaels, we were delighted to welcome the local children's author, Simon Morse, to our school on Thursday 27th March.

The children were extremely excited about meeting a 'real' author, who gave a fascinating insight into his work as both an author and illustrator during our morning assembly.

After working with Simon throughout the morning, the children were inspired to create their own stories.

Tag Rugby Tournament

26 March 2014

Year 6 Tag Rugby team.

The Year 6 children took part in an annual Tag Rugby tournament at Hereford Rugby Club on Wednesday 26th March 2014.

The children all enjoyed themselves and did a great job at representing the school.

Raising Money for Sport Relief

21 March 2014

Taking a well deserved rest before finishing the mile.

On Friday, 21st March pupils and staff came to school dressed in sports clothing ready to walk or run a mile in support of Sports Relief.

Everyone was determined to take part and complete the challenge with some of our pupils even managing to run further! Children in Class 1 had tremendous support and encouragement from their Year 6 buddies who motivated them to keep going even when legs were becoming tired.

We were extremely proud to raise over £140 for the charity.

Target Festival

29 January 2014

Curling at the Target Festival.

Year 2 children joined with other local schools for a morning of fun at a Target Festival led by pupils from Earl Mortimer College.

The children took part in a range of activities but a particular favourite was using the curling stones to try and reach the target.

Also thank you to parents and staff for help with transport.

Rotary Writing Competition Success

13 January 2014

Our girls proudly display their certificates.

Well done to two of our pupils in Year 5 and Year 6 for their success in the annual Leominster Rotary Writing Competition.

Out of a total of 75 entrants from different schools, two of our pupils came second and third.

We were joined by the President of the Rotary, Mr Peter Deakin, who presented the two girls with their prizes of book tokens in morning assembly.

Forensics Morning

15 November 2013

The detectives try burning some of the fibres left at the scene to find what the suspect was wearing.

Six, enthusiastic scientists from Year 5 visited the Earl Mortimer College in Leominster to take part in a forensics morning.

On arrival at the college the children discovered that an incident had taken place with a victim named 'George'. After taking notes at the crime scene and reading the statements of the six suspects the children worked as a team to analyse some of the evidence left at the scene.

The children thoroughly enjoyed using a range of scientific techniques together with some very creative discussions to eventually find the criminal!

Children in Need

15 November 2013

We bought raffle tickets for a special 'cake of the week'.

Everyone at St. Michael's wore 'bedtime' clothes to school to help raise funds for Children in Need. There was an impressive range of onesies, pyjamas, dressing gowns and slippers with nearly everyone remembering to change into outdoor footwear at playtime!

The children took part in a range of fundraising activities including a cake sale organised by some of our older pupils and the famous Bodenham penny line around our school.

We are delighted that the total amount raised exceeds £200.

How Do the Police Protect Us?

4 November 2013

Reflective strips make sure we are visible in the dark.

On our first day back after the half term holiday we were joined by a Community Support Officer and a Police Officer from a local station.

In a whole school assembly we were able to find out more about a day in the life of a police officer which is certainly very busy and unpredictable!

It was good to learn how to keep our belongings safe by using a 'secret' marking pen and explore some of the accessories and equipment that are used to protect both the officers and all of us.

More Able Maths Challenge

18 October 2013

A lot of thought was required; but we worked well together as a team.

On Friday the 18th of October, Mrs Alty took a team of five children from Year 5/6 to Stoke Prior School for a more able maths challenge.

The children had to be 'code breakers' for the morning, solve mathematical puzzles and work out where the treasure was hidden. They used a range of skills such as problem solving, mental calculations and algebra throughout the morning. The final challenge was to make up their own mathematical puzzle for the other teams to solve.

It was a great morning in which the children had the opportunity to work with other pupils from three different schools. The competition was very rigorous, but they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Another session is being planned for sometime during the Spring Term.

A Visit from Footballer, Dennis Bailey

7 October 2013

Class 4 after their fantastic morning of football with Dennis Bailey.

On Monday 7th October, we were visited by former professional footballer, Dennis Bailey.

Mr Bailey has played for numerous top teams, including Fulham, Crystal Palace, Birmingham City and Queens Park Rangers. He is the last player to score a hat-trick at Old Trafford (home to Manchester United) in the league and be on the winning side.

Mr Bailey led a whole school collective worship where we were also joined by Year 5 and 6 children from St James' C of E Primary, Kimbolton. The Year 5 and 6 children from both schools were then treated to a morning of football, including a coaching session run by Mr Bailey.

Class 4 thoroughly enjoyed the visit, with the children commenting that it was 'really good fun and great that everyone joined in'. We were even lucky enough to get Mr Bailey's signature!

Cross Country Club has Started!

3 October 2013

Our merry bunch of runners!

Mrs Alty, Miss Powis and 15 eager children have enjoyed running around Bodenham lake and back on Thursday lunchtimes.

We covered 1.6 miles on our first run and 2.0 miles on our second - although we did have a little rest at the bird hide to admire the view!

Herefordshire Festival of Performing Arts

19 March 2013

At the Courtyard Theatre.

On 19th March we took Classes 3 and 4 to the Courtyard Theatre in Hereford, so that they could perform some songs and take part in the Herefordshire Festival of Performing Arts.

We had a great time and it was very exciting being able to sing in front of so many people!

Red Nose Day

15 March 2013

Wearing red for Comic Relief.

The whole school helped to raise money for Comic Relief, with staff and children arriving for the day wearing something red.

There were some very creative ideas ranging from red hair, wigs, pyjamas and noses.

The highlight of the day was tasting 'red nose' cake pops which were kindly made for everyone by one of our fabulous mums!

World War II Day

12 March 2013

Evacuees from Class 3.

To celebrate the end our topic, Class 3 had a WW2 day.

We came dressed as evacuees and did a variety of activities based on the theme 'Make do and mend.'

We made delicious bread and butter pudding (with powered eggs!), learnt how to cross stitch and washed clothes in an old tub outside.