St Michael's School Uniform

The wearing of school uniform is desirable and to be encouraged at all times. Our uniform consists of:


  • Navy blue school sweatshirt with our school logo
  • Grey trousers or shorts
  • White, grey or light blue shirt or school polo shirt with logo


  • Navy blue school sweatshirt or cardigan with our school logo
  • Grey skirt or pinafore dress
  • White, grey or light blue blouse or school polo shirt with logo
  • A blue and white check dress is recommended for the girls in warmer weather
  • Grey classic cut school trousers

PE Kit (Boys and Girls)

  • Navy blue shorts
  • School polo shirt (or plain white polo shirt)
  • Black plimsolls and trainers

Please be aware that in the interests of the children's own safety, we do not allow them to wear necklaces or ear rings, other than small studs. We also request that children do not wear nail varnish to school.

Please ensure that items of clothing are labelled with your child's name or initials to ensure they can be traced if lost or mislaid. Name tapes are available from various sources, including online.

School Uniform Orders

You are able to order our school uniform online from the websites below: