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Art and Design



At St Michael’s, we value the place of expression and curiosity in our school environment. We believe that when children are given meaningful opportunities to express themselves through the various mediums of art and design, they can begin to reflect on and make meaning of the world in which they belong. Over time, children are encouraged to explore and develop a range of skills and disciplines, whilst being introduced to the works of known artists and designers, both historical and current. Gaining understanding and appreciation of the work and experiences of others will allow them to make further connections between their own lives and emotions and those of others. Using new, specialised language in context, as children explore and develop skills and hone their own style, will allow for deepened understanding and immersion in creative ventures. As their skills and understanding develop, children will be encouraged to research, question and share their knowledge, culminating in a confident desire to express themselves through their emotions, skills, experiences and the historical and current influences of others.




Beginning in the EYFS, children are given continuous opportunities to explore a range of materials and media; encouragement is given to explore and revisit in a holistic way, allowing children to make meaning of what they see, hear and feel. Children are introduced to new skills in meaningful ways and encouraged to develop these skills over time, gaining in independence, engagement and purpose as they do. Moving forward, art and design exploration is developed using the KS1 and KS2 National Curriculum and, when planning, our Art and Design Progression Map is utilised to ensure children are given ongoing occasion to gain, rehearse and hone understanding and techniques. At this stage, all children will have a personal sketch book, which they will be encouraged to use as they rehearse and develop skills and techniques. The sketch book will also serve as a point of reflection, allowing children to revisit their skills over time, returning to past projects, recognising their own developments whilst considering future interests and ways to progress. Furthering our holistic approach, art and design foci connects to and deepens understanding and investigation of other foundation subjects. Incorporating art and design into all aspects of learning allows children to understand and value the place of artistic expression in our everyday lives and its impact on the wider world, both currently and historically.




As their learning and expressive journey develops, children will become confident to share and discuss their creations with others. They will talk with understanding and interest about their developing skills and the choices they make as they rehearse and create. They will use artistic terminology as a means of informing others and to express themselves, both during the expressive process and as part of reflection. Children will be interested in the work of other artists and designers and their ability to question, reason and research how art can impact and inform people will deepen throughout each key stage. Children will show confidence when rehearsing both new and more honed techniques and appreciate that mistakes are an important part of the creative process. Ultimately, children will embrace opportunities to explore the world in which they live and gain a sense of purpose and self when expressing their thoughts, knowledge, emotions and experiences.