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At St Michael’s Primary School, we see computing as an important tool to help bring our children’s learning to life. Through the curriculum that we offer, we intend to use computing to ensure that our pupils are responsible, competent, confident and creative users of computers and information. We intend our pupils to have many experiences of technology, both from direct teaching and beyond the subject itself, allowing children to develop a broad set of skills to support and enhance their learning, therefore providing them with life skills in preparation for an ever-growing digital world.




We will implement these intentions directly and discreetly through computing lessons, addressing online safety, coding and problem solving, but also through other areas of the curriculum such as Art, D&T, Science, English, Drama and Maths. Therefore, children are able to apply and additionally explore their curriculum knowledge through computing. Pupils are challenged to explore, find solutions to, and communicate their understanding of real-world problems.




We want the impact of this curriculum to be that it enables our pupils to use technology in all aspects of their life competently, with purpose, and for it to enhance their skill set for when they leave our school.  We want our pupils to showcase their developing skills across the computing curriculum and to feel confident to share what they’ve learnt in a variety of ways. Teaching and learning methods provide regular opportunities to recap acquired knowledge through high quality questioning, discussion, modelling and explaining to aid retrieval at the beginning and end of a lesson or unit of work. This will enable all children to alter their long-term memory and know more, remember more and be able to do more as computer scientists.